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If you've ever driven your car over a stretch of highway without having any memory of the experience, then you have experienced highway hypnosis. If you have ever been startled by the rumble strip on the highway shoulder without recalling how your car got there, then again, highway hypnosis could be to blame. READ MORE >>

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for events such as property damage or loss, home damage or loss or liability related to injuries or deaths that occur on the property. Your personal property includes furniture, silverware, clothing and other movable items you keep in the home. READ MORE >>

When a fire ignites in your home, fast action on your part is vital. The safety of you and your family depends on how quickly you detect the fire and vacate your house. Early fire detection also means the fire department can put out the fire sooner, which can result in less damage to your house. READ MORE >>

Maintaining a safe workplace is a crucial part of running a successful business. Keeping your staff safe should be of paramount importance because without them, your business probably would’ve failed long ago. But we all know that sometimes accidents just happen. READ MORE >>

Winter means rain, fog, ice and snow. All of these nuisances can lead to lower visibility while you are driving and a greater chance of being in an accident. But you can lower the odds of having an accident, and, in turn, keep your car insurance premiums low. How? READ MORE >>

Accidents and injuries happen every day, some of which unfortunately can remove employees from the workplace for several weeks or months during recovery. Developing a back to work program can be beneficial for both employee and employer when it comes time to welcome an injured employee back into the workplace. READ MORE >>

Allowing your child to drive is a double-edged sword. It can be extremely freeing to let them transport themselves places, but it can also be scary, given the risks and dangers associated with being out on the road. READ MORE >>

When you look at your insurance policy you may think that insurance is hard to understand. Your policy documents may have many pages and industry specific terminology, but that doesn’t mean that insurance is impossible for you to grasp. READ MORE >>

Worcester Auto Insurance Auto Insurance In the state of Massachusetts, you’re required to own car liability coverage, which covers the damages to third parties resulting from an accident that you cause. Though, given the cost of vehicles and hospital bills, the state requirements may not be enough to cover all of the damages. READ MORE >>

Insurance rating company A.M. Best recently released a white paper that discussed potential upcoming changes to various insurance policies which may be brought on by new technology, progressive thinking, and increased sophistication in insurance companies’ abilities to analyze data. READ MORE >>

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